What do I put in my favours? Finding the perfect filling!


What do I put in my favours?

For some the choice of favour fillings is not a problem. Here at Favour Fairy HQ we talk to many brides who know exactly what they are having whether it be Scottish tablet made to their family recipe, the happy couples favourite retro sweets or a charity pin in memory of a loved one. Some however are not that lucky and struggle to decide exactly what should go in their favours.

When we are asked this question by brides – it’s usually the bride who calls us! – we ask them to consider the following:

  • Location, location, location as someone famously once said! If you’re getting married under the warming sun of Cyprus then you need to choose the filling for your favours carefully to ensure it is able to stand up to the warmer temperatures. We noticed that during the heatwave in the UK this summer there was a huge increase in the demand for fillings such as lollipops as people sought to avoid melted chocolate. If you are travelling abroad you could consider offering a small gift favour such as key ring or simply take the container and fill with local sweets you purchase when you get there.

  • Style – do you want classic, traditional favours? Bling? Rustic? Country? or a Winter Wonderland? Do you want your favours in a box, a bag, a cup or even a bucket? And when you’ve decided that consider the colours! At times it’s best to accent the favour with your colour theme rather than use a bold colour such as navy blue everywhere which can look overwhelming.

  • Budget – for most of us budget is key – weddings can be very expensive occasions after all. The traditional favour filling of 5 sugared almonds is one of the most economical favour fillings we can supply. Choose to present them in an organza bag and prices start from as little as 60p a favour. Another popular, economical choice is to again to choose an organza bag with either 3 or 5 chocolate hearts.

5 Sugared Almonds in an Organza Bag. Choose the Colour

  Finally, identify what you don’t want! Seems obvious but don’t get talked into something you really dislike in order to reach agreement with all those helpful people who rush to give you advice. The choice should be made by you and your future partner after all it is a gift from you both to your guests as a small token to say thank you to them for sharing your day.

Our next blog will look at just some of the choices of fillings but if you can’t wait that long take a look at our sweets and chocolates pages to get some idea of what’s on offer! 

Sweets and chocolate favour fillings


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