Favour Fairy and the use of Plastic.

We’re aiming to reduce our use of plastic in our products and

packaging and wanted to share some of the things we are doing now.


Our products, we are….

  • discontinuing the use of plastic party bags as soon as possible. When current stocks are exhausted we will not be restocking. All party bags are now offered with a choice of plastic or paper bags.
  • continue to source top quality, plastic free and sustainable toys and party bag fillers always remembering that our customers require a choice of products. We will continue to maintain value for all customers no matter their budget.
  • developing plastic free ranges across both party and wedding supplies. We’ve made a start on our plastic free party bag range and are currently working on our wedding eco favour range.

Our packaging, we are going to…..

  • discontinuing the use of cellophane and plastic bags whenever possible. Goods such as party bag contents will be sent in paper bags. Sweets will also be sent in paper bags unless it is necessary to use plastic to ensure freshness and avoid cross contamination.
  • whenever possible we will continue to reuse cardboard boxes for packaging. Those we can’t use are disposed of responsibly and recycled.
  • once current stocks are finished we will use only potato starch ‘filler’ in our parcels. This is not only better for the environment, more importantly it is safer for children should they swallow it.
  • we will limit our use of plastic bubble wrap and ‘air cushions’, instead using corrugated card and chip paper to line and fill our boxes. This includes recycling plastic wrapping received from our suppliers.

In addition we will take steps to reduce our use of plastic in the office by for instance, no longer purchasing single use plastic items such as plastic water bottles. We will also source sustainable, non plastic office supplies whenever suitable alternatives exist.

All our customers are encouraged to help us in these efforts and we welcome any comments or suggestions you might have.



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