How will you serve your Candy Buffet??

We all love a candy buffet whether it be for a wedding or a party but the question is always how to display it?

There are so many options and, of course, the glass or plastic jars are always a favourite but what else could you use? There are some really lovely glass dishes available which needn’t cost the earth. Have a look around your local car boot fairs or even ask your relatives if they have something you can use. Maybe cake stands, a large glass such as those which house a whole glass of wine!, or maybe a pretty glass vase?



This is a beautiful example of a wedding buffet, we love how they have used different shapes and sizes of containers to display the sweets.


For the children’s party think about a colour theme – pink for girls and blue for boys maybe? Or just go mad and do a rainbow buffet. This rainbow buffet from looks fabulous! For real inspiration take a look at their photo gallery!


Theme your buffet around colours, seasons or special interests. This is pretty example of a pink candy  buffet, we love the themed bags and popcorn boxes!


Finally don’t forget the sweets, be sure to add your favourites and those you know your guests will enjoy. Favour Fairy can offer small, medium and large buffets and you get to choose the sweets from our very large range. You can find them here on website.

Acknowledgement: photos from Pinterest and                                                     





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