Help! the kids are coming to my wedding!


So you’ve taken the decision to invite children to your wedding and now you’re starting to panic!

Will they get bored? Will they be noisy? How are you going to make sure they enjoy what is sure to be a big occasion for them?

Worry not – Favour Fairy has a few ideas which just might help.

First of all, consider the type of wedding you are planning. If it’s an informal affair in a  marquee with a hog roast you’ll need to plan differently to a formal sit down wedding breakfast followed by speeches! Let parents know if there’s any part of your day which you think the children might find difficult so they can be prepared.

Make up an activity box to give to each child, fill it with things they will enjoy and keep them interested during times you would like them to be quiet. If you really don’t have the time to make the boxes yourself – you are planning a wedding! – Favour Fairy have a brand new range of activity boxes which start from just £3.50.

Next, consider the ages of the children you have invited. You will need to plan differently for toddlers and ten year olds.  If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space consider setting up a games area. Include things such as old favourites such as a hoopla set, skittles or croquet. If budget permits why not add a large Jenga set? You’ll be surprised how much it is used by both big and little kids!

Finally relax and enjoy the children at your wedding. They will be so excited and full of amazement at the wonderful day you have planned. They’ll be talking about your wedding day for weeks so why not send them a little card and a photo as a memento once you’re back from your honeymoon?

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