3 Tips for Planning a Party for a Child With a Birthday Around Christmas

Party for a Child With a Birthday Around Christmas

Planning a birthday during the holiday season can be tricky. Friends and family members often have hectic schedules packed with social commitments, and party venues are generally reserved months in advance for corporate functions and seasonal festivities. At Favour Fairy, we understand how stressful it can be to plan a birthday party around Christmas, so we’ve compiled a few simple tips to help make the process easier.

Shop Online

Stores are packed during the holiday season as everyone crowds the aisles to cross off items from their gift lists. Avoid long lines and exhausted cashiers by shopping online for party supplies, including tablewares, goodie bags, and sweet treats. You can also purchase gifts for the birthday boy or girl online.

Don’t Combine Holidays

Very few children want to combine Christmas festivities with their birthday celebrations. Make your child’s birthday special by focusing on a theme that doesn’t relate to the holiday season, such as princesses, superheroes, or cuddly critters.

Keep it Simple

People of all ages can become physically and emotionally exhausted during the holiday season, so keep your celebration short and simple. Don’t schedule a party longer than 1.5 or 2 hours, and avoid scheduling back-to-back games or other activities during the event.

Your child deserves a fun birthday party, and it’s possible to plan a hassle-free event. Favour Fairy has everything you need for a child’s birthday celebration, from plates and napkins to treat-filled party bags.

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