1st Birthday Party Planning

1st Birthday Party Planning

The perfect 1st birthday party

Almost a year has gone by since you first brought home your little bundle of joy. Now you have to plan a 1st birthday party for family and friends and you want it to be absolutely perfect. Let Favourfairy help you with some of the details with a few hints and tips for your party planning.

The Venue

Home is normally the perfect place for a 1st birthday party as your son or daughter will be happy in their home environment and, if they should need a nap, their bedroom is never far away.  It’s also far less stress on you, the party planner, as everything you’ll need is to hand.


Mid-morning or mid-afternoon is usually best, just try to avoid nap times as you don’t want your guests to arrive when the birthday child is sleeping.


Many people today don’t bother with a theme as such for a first birthday but simply have some matching tableware and invitations such as our Guess How Much I Love You range which is suitable for both boys and girls.

guess how much i love you 3.5m bunting

The Guest List

Invite a few close family members and friends, together with their children, to the party. If you don’t think this mix will work consider a smaller gathering mid-week with close friends and children and then have another party for family at the weekend. This does of course mean 2 cakes, 2 sets of invitations,  2 lots of party food etc.

The Food

If planning a mid-morning party you’ll need to provide lunch. Choose a menu you know your child will enjoy and above all keep it simple. One pot meals you can prepare the day before, such as lasagne, are always good, just serve with breads and salads. Traditional party food, such as sandwiches and veggie fingers always work well for an afternoon tea.

Party Bags

Not strictly necessary for a first birthday party but if you wish to give them make sure the contents are suitable for the age of the children attending. Favourfairy offer a range of prefilled toddler party bags and toys which are suitable for children from birth if you’re looking for inspiration.


Your child is only 1 once so take lots of photos or delegate the duties to somebody reliable. Don’t forget to say yes to offers of help from family and friends.


Your baby is 1 years old, relax and enjoy the party!

Small handcut figure one with clay dough animals

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