So you’re getting married this year?

Hallo, and Happy New Year. Well, 2017 has finally come; the long awaited year, the year you had marked on your calendar, the year in which you are getting married. And not just in this year but in a few weeks time. By the way, how did this realisation strike? When the clock struck midnight on the eve of this new year, did you look into his eyes and say  “We are getting married this year!”

You already have a set a date for the wedding, in fact in 2016 most planning was done; you have a planned venue, a cute wedding dress. Only small issues need to be dealt with like buying rings, gifts for bridal party and of course our top notch wedding favours. And so you are getting married this year what do you do? Should you worry or, just remain extremely excited?! Well, in reality, both will happen.

For any bride, in some way you feel like it’s taken a lifetime for 2017 to come but in others ways, it has just flown by. So you’re getting married, you need to ensure every little tiny detail is taken care of. Sometimes you might develop a fear of shopping for physical items for the wedding. Small minor details need to be sorted like decorations, mini-moon, honeymoon, rings, bridal party gifts.

One important thing you need to get is wedding favours. Your wedding favours are a way of thanking your guests; a small symbol of your gratitude for coming to share in your special day. Conventionally guests would be given a small bag or box with five sugared almonds standing for the known five blessings of Health, Wealth, Long Life, Happiness, and Fertility. Now that you are wedding this year, of course, your wedding favours can represent anything to reflect your individual taste, budget, and personality.

The giving of wedding favours an old European tradition which allows you and your handsome groom to share with friends and family the gift of your special day. We understand you are among those couples who like to be more creative with their wedding favours. Therefore we specially tailor these gifts to suit the theme of your wedding or the specific recipients. Think of different colours and styles for wedding favour boxes, wedding sweets and candy, Swiss milk foil wrapped chocolate hearts, favour boxes, and organza bag. Find out more

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