Wooden Critter Compass Party Bag Filler

Ecourage your little explorers!


“Walk ten steps northward and you´ll find the treasure!” With this compass with cute animals, even boring walks will become adventures. With the compass in hand, little explorers can begin learn about orientation and natural law. Loosely hung from the wrist with the string strap to ensure it doesn’t get lost, the cute animals with a functional magnetic compass will be a necessity for every stroll. 

Add to party bags or just give as a thank you gift for young guests attending your event.

Each compass is made of wood and has a safety perspex dome over the top of the functioning compass. The compass measures approximately 4 x 4 2 cm, excluding the string.

Suitable for children aged 3 years and over. The critter compass is supplied to us in a 3 colours and designs, if you order more than one we will try to ensure a good mix of colours are supplied.

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